SRS Web Platform (SRSWP) (September 2011 to March 2013)

SRSWPCore contributor in architecting and building SRSWP, which is (was? not sure of its current status since basically everyone I knew at SRS has left and no longer resolves) SRS’s SaaS/PaaS offering. It offers core platform functionality via web services with corresponding UI components including:
• Security (authorization and authentication)
• Logging
• NoSQL database
• Continuous integration (build and deployment)
• File Server
• Dashboard – project console providing a project context UI for each service

As part of the SRSWP team I:
• Translated chief architect’s vision for SRSWP into logical chunks for various development teams and projects, filling in gaps, creating user stories, requirements, etc.
• Provided technical direction and requirements for SRSWP services
• Validated that work produced matched what was expected, holding regular reviews of work completed and in progress to help provide appropriate course correction throughout the development process
• Worked closely with multiple offshore teams, including USA, Vietnam, and Uruguay, staying in constant contact with them via email, instant messenger, and voice chat

EDGE Shop Flag Notifier (September 2011 to September 2012)

(click on the Add-Ons tab after opening the link above)

EDGE Shop Flag Notifier was released as the first EDGE Beta Widget in Dec. 2011. It filled a niche for a feature that many customers had been requesting for years and was adopted by customer sites at a very high rate (near 100%), even though it was an optional add-on.

I wrote the app, then maintained, improved, and deployed it in production for over a year. App was a result of my winning project from the first SRS company hackathon, called Creative Spark.

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