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SQL Complete Review – SQL Server Management Studio Add-In

A few years ago, one of the guys I work with was growing increasing frustrated with SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). His frustrations largely stemmed from the fact that SSMS’s Intellisense/autocomplete functionality sort of sucks. Sometimes it works ok, sometimes

discovering and documenting the unpublished ksl classifieds api

The Idea So I’ve had this idea for a mobile app kicking around for quite a while. It was born out of my time I used nerdery to buy a PlayStation 3 on the cheap project, where I leveraged some automation I

hiring using careers 2.0 by stackoverflow

Careers 2.0 by StackOverflow

I’ve got invitations to create a job seeker profile on Careers 2.0 available for anyone interested – just let me know. Things at the company are going well. You’ve got too much work to do and not enough people. You

the time I used nerdery to buy a ps3 on the cheap

MLB 11 The Show for PS3

Three years ago, I got the itch to play some video game baseball. It had been probably been 4-5 years since I’d owned any baseball games and I determined that the time had come. After a little online research, I

moneyball book review


Confessions In some ways, I was pretty late to the whole Moneyball thing.  I didn’t see the critically-acclaimed movie, released in late 2011, until well after it had been released on DVD. And the book that I recently finished was published

mac vs. pc

Disclaimer 1: This isn’t intended to be an in-depth, all-inclusive review/comparison of the two platforms – just some observations based on my experience, both software and hardware. I don’t claim to know everything about Macs or Mac OS at this

what if

My son is four and a half years old. He is weird and crazy and funny and awesome and awful. It’s great. He’s also the only other man in the house, what with his three older sisters (and his mother),

automatic image optimization for wordpress

A while ago I wrote about optimizing the images on your website. In that post I mentioned that one of the tools that I’ve used for image optimization is an online tool offered by Yahoo called Well I have an

optimize the images on your website

One quick and easy way to eek some extra performance out of your website is to optimize your site’s images. The idea is to retain image quality but reduce image size by stripping out unnecessary data from the images, making