Automatic Image Optimization for WordPress

A while ago I wrote about optimizing the images on your website. In that post I mentioned that one of the tools that I’ve used for image optimization is an online tool offered by Yahoo called Well I have an RSS subscription to the WordPress subreddit and came across a post the other day for a WordPress plugin called WP I’ve tested it out and it’s very handy. It uses’s API to:

  • auto-optimize of all of the images you upload to the Media Library
  • bulk optimize your existing images
  • optimize existing individual images

There’s also a NextGEN Gallery integration version for your NextGEN Gallery images. I use NextGEN on a handful of sites but haven’t tried out the plugin for it yet.

how to use WP

  1. install and enable the plugin
  2. smush an individual image
    • WP Individual Image
  3. bulk smush
    • pre: Pre-Smush
    • post: post-smush

It even provides you with the shrinkage statistics on all of your smushed images in the post-bulk smush report as well as on each individual image in the library.


  • the bulk smush is still considered experimental
  • has a file size limitation of 1 MB for the original file
  • “Sometimes the service goes down or is under heavy load. If the plugin has difficulty connecting to then automatically smushing is temporarily disabled (currently for 6 hours). You can always re-enable it via the Media > Settings screen or manually smush the image from the Media Library.”

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